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Today s Special


Mussels in Black Bean Sauce 4.95


Chicken with Fresh Asparagus Soup (for 2) 4.95

Dinner Entrees

spicyFresh Garlic Chicken
White meat chicken stir-fried and red peppers, mushroom with fresh garlic in chef's special sauce.
Honey Chicken
Crispy chunks of boneless white meat chicken sauteed with chef's special honey sauce.
Chicken with Asparagus
Fresh asparagus stir-fired with chicken breast.
Pineapple Chicken
Chicken breast with fired pineapple, green peppers, red peppers and carrots in special sauce.Served in fresh pineapple shell.(pineapple shell is not available carry-out)
spicyHappiness Lamb
Sliced lamb stir-fried with onions, green peppers, celery and mushroom in chef's special sauce.(Served with hot plate)
Chicken Teriyaki Sauce
Chicken breast, snow peas, mushrooms, carrots with Teriyaki sauce.
Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce
Sliced Salmon fish with Teriyaki sauce.
Asparagus Delight
Sliced tender loins of beef breast of chicken, jumbo shrimps and scallops with fresh asparagus, napa and snow peas in chef's special sauce.(crispy potatoes nest in not avaliable carry-out)
spicySeafood Asparagus
Jumbo shrimps, scallops and orange roughly fish sauteed with fresh asparagus, napa and snow peas in black bean sauce.(Served with hot plate)
Sizzlind Beef with Onions and Black Pepper
Another sizzling table side experience! Petites cuts of tender beef are stir-fired in the kitchen with flavorful does of freshly ground black peppers, red bell peppers and mushrooms. They are brought to you table with lightly stir-fired, sliced onions and quickly arranged on a hot sizzling platter, Guaranteed to become of your favorites.
Tofu Steak
This is an unusually delicious comb, Of stir-fired fresh mushrooms, yellow onions, red and green pepper with light sauce. Battered bean curd pan-fried seasoned with an amound ground black pepper and special soy sauce.
Grandma Wu's Casserole
A nostalgic to old Chinese tradition. You choose from beef, chicken or shrimps combines with nuggets of stir-fried, then stewed eggplant. Served appropriately in an old world covered casserole. Flavors of sesame and oyster finished with splash of sherry, heighten aroma and taste sensatinos. A heart-warming, comforting and sour-satisfying experience!
Wheel of Fortune
A full circle of broccolis florets surrounds and unusually delicious combination of stir-fired scallops, red bell peppers, onions and mushrooms seasoned with judicious amount of freshly grounded black peppers and the chef's special sauce. A very flavorful and healthy dish!
Crispy Chicken with Seasoned Salt
Boneless tender chicken pan-fried until crispy, with green onions, hot peppers and salt. Served on a bed of cool, shredded lettuces. A warming spicy and savory dish!