spicy Hot & Spicy

Holiday Special

Whole Lobster
Choice of: A. Spring Onion Ginger Sauce, B. Black Bean Sauce, C. Cantonese Style Sauce
Beijing Whole Fish
Onion, green peas, carrots in black bean sauce
Tom's Special Eggplant
Tender Chinese eggplant mixes shrimp with chef's special Sauce
"Strongly recommended by Tom!!!"
Canton's Sizzling Hot Plate
Jumbo shrimp, scallop, chicken, beef with snow peas, mushroom, bamboo shoot, onion and green pepper with black pepper sauce "You must try this one; it's the best of the Cantonese!"
Pi Pa Bean Curd
Snow peas, mushroom, bamboo shoot with shrimp and bean curd ball in oyster sauce!!